Isnin, 6 Januari 2014

Tips menjalankan RESEARCH

Berikut adalah beberapa tip-tip untuk pelajar yang ingin menjalankan kajian untuk thesis maupun dissertation.

1. Identify topic yang anda punyai minat terhadapnya. sebagai contoh:
 Topik: Bills of Quantities

2. Understanding your topic through variety of aspects. Do some readings on your topic such as:

  • definition
  • purposes/functions
  • advantages/disadvantages@benefit/disbenefit
  • importance/significance
  • issues/problems
3. it would be better to find out your keywords:
Example: "Bills of Quantities" and related to that "Construction" "projects"

4. preferable to read latest "journal articles", as a starts find out at least 10-15 journal articles.

5. while readings, there are two ways to note down ape yang dah dibaca:
  •  better to prepare a schedule below, untuk mencatat isi2 yang penting seperti berikut:
  • or prepare articles review format:
                Article 1 (A-1)
                 Title of Article: Pricing tenders
                 Title of Journal: Cost Engineering
                 Volume: 52
                 Date of Published: 2009

                 The review:
                 This article A-1 is about fundamental knowledge for an estimator to control tender cost. ....

6. Pastikan setiap readings sources dilabel sebagaimana dlm jadual diatas dan disimpan dalam file dengan rapi, bagi memudahkan rujukan anda. this is because, bare in mind that, your research work is going to take times 1-5 years. so may be in fifth year of your study u might want to refer to certain arcticle yang dh dibaca 5 tahun yg lampau..

7. basic time period utk prepare research proposal about 6months to 1 year, data collection about 6months to 1 years, writing and corrections to submit for viva 6month to 1 years. (Ph.D)...

All da best...