Khamis, 15 Januari 2009

Purposes of Mankind in this world (due to construction basis)

In whatever Muslim do must with the way of Allah's command as Allah created mankind purposely. This is said in surah (Al-Mukminun (23) : 115),

"ا فحسبتم انما خلقنكم عبثا وانكم الينا لا ترجعون"


The purpose of mankind also clearly stated in Al-Quran. As Allah mentioned in (Adz Dzaariyaat : 56),

"وماخلقت الجن والاْنس الاليعبدن"

"I have not created jinn and mankind except to worship me"

The ultimate purpose of the creation of man is to worship Allah, to perform ibadah and to obey Allah's command. Besides, Allah also created mankind as vicegerent on earth as stated in surah (Al-Baqarah : 30),

"واذقا ل ربك للملئكةانئ جا عل فئ الارض خليفة"

"I have created mankind as the vicegerent on earth"

Thus the universe is subjected to man for the enrichment of his life. Man has been honored as a khalifah, therefore he should fulfill the vital duty as a leader. The most important task is to enjoin what is good and forbid doing bad.

Therefore, similar concept goes to the construction world. Although the construction world dealt with Non-Muslim but it does not excuse Muslim from practicing the Islamic way in conducting the construction world. However, Islam prefer to deal with Muslims before deal with Non-Muslims.

Generally, any religious no matter it is Islam, Hindu, Buddha or Christian, mostly prohibit bad things. For example, cheating, robbery, telling lie, quarrel each other, and etc. are prohibited in all religious. However, Islam is 'syumul' complete. Everything is stated in Al-Quran, sunnah and hadith. What Muslim must do is to recite Al-Quran, understanding it and implement it to daily life guided by the others references; sunnah and hadith.

Based on the study, obviously, the major factor of the delay and abandon projects in Malaysia is about trust, manners and selfishness of human in making business. As a consequences of this bad phenomenon burden the others related parties. So that, here is the proof how importance and truth of religious to prohibit bad deeds and promote on good deeds. To avoid the problems of breach of trust, no manners and selfishness, the development of Islamic teaching way of life should be more or standardize with the development of country. Islam also provide on how to run a business successfully. As stated in Al-Quran about amanah (trust), Allah has mentioned in (Al-Ahzab : 72),

"انا عر ضنا الا ما نة علئ السموت والارض والجبال فا بين ان يحملنهاواشفقن منهاوحملهاالا نسن انه كا ن ظلوما خهولا"


Man has been given akal to be the vicegerent of Allah on earth as well as to hold trust and to rule the world according to the pleasure of Allah. As on the verse above Allah describes about heaven, earth and mountain to refuse to undertake the Amanah. They prefer to submit themselves entirely to the will of Allah. But, Man is willing to accept the trust/Amanah. For that reason, the implementation of trust concept in making business or contract is very essential towards achieving goal of the business.