Jumaat, 11 September 2009

purification of soul

Literally, tazkiyah is an arabic word derived from the root word "zakka" means to purify, to cleanse and to decontaminate.

Technically, it means "the sense of checking ourselves from incorrect tendencies and learning and turning ourselves to the path of virtue and pity and developing it to the stage of perfection to achieve the pleasure of Allah." As stated in surah As-Syams, ayah 7 to 10. "truly he succeeds that purifies it and he fails that corrupts it."

Importance of Tazkiyah:-

1. The purpose of raising the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W is the purification and development of mankind

2. Tazkiyah is the beginning and the ending of our mission

- our mission is to seek pleasure of Allah. So that purification of soul is to pure and clean our soul as to receive guidance from Allah.

3. Tazkiyah is a pre-requisites for redemption and prosperity

- tazkiyah is a way for us to be free from sin

How to purify our soul?

  • Performing Ibadah
  • Remembering Allah by zikrullah
  • Muhasabah